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Please note that the booking and purchase of products and services are subject to the following terms and conditions and other terms imposed by our suppliers from time to time ("Supplier Term"). By effecting a booking through this website, you agree to be bound by GOLDEN PEACOCK SERVICES conditions of purchase and the supplier terms.

   RATES : The rates quoted in respect of the products or services are subject to change without notice.

   VOUCHERS : It is your responsibility to ensure that the details on your travel voucher are in order. You are liable for any additional charges arising from correction of any inaccuracies in the voucher.

   PAYMENT : Depending on the service requested, payment must be made as of the amount deposit stated in the website or in full upon confirmation or your reservation will be cancelled automatically, please inquire for your particular service.

   BOOKING / RESERVATION REQUESTS : In processing your booking / reservation request, we check availability with the individual travel provider for the time period in question. GOLDEN PEACOCK SERVICES will notify you by email or telephone of availability.

   Upon your wire transfer, telegraphic transfer, direct deposit or PAYPAL into the current account of GOLDEN PEACOCK SERVICES of the total due for the requested services, please confirm your transfer of funds by scanning and email your transfer receipt to GOLDEN PEACOCK SERVICES at ____ EMAIL ADDRESS _____

   GOLDEN PEACOCK SERVICES will then contact the supplier and request a confirmed booking on your behalf. Submission of your booking / request and funds shall be deemed to be IRREVOCABLE AUTHORIZATION by you for GOLDEN PEACOCK SERVICES to book the Travel Product(s) immediately on your behalf. If by the time your booking payment is received, your requested tour package is no longer available, GOLDEN PEACOCK SERVICES will contact you with alternative dates available. If you are agreeable with an alternative date, your booking will proceed. If no alternative is acceptable to you, your booking fee will be refunded in full, less telegraphic transfer or other fees as applicable.

   CURRENCY : You may make payment in any one of the currencies supported on this website, currently Ringgit Malaysia. The applicable exchange rates of the supported currencies shall be determined at the sole discretion of GOLDEN PEACOCK SERVICES time to time. The exchange rates determined shall be final and is not negotiable.

   LIABILITY : GOLDEN PEACOCK SERVICES merely acts as a platform for products and services of the suppliers and shall not be responsible nor liable for :

   a. Overbooking, misinformation or mishandling of any reservation or booking by the suppliers; or

   b. Any other dissatisfaction or complaint of the consumer in relation to the quality of the products or services provided by supplier or otherwise howsoever;

   c. Any damage or loss to your personal property or personal injury howsoever sustained or caused.

In the event of mishandling, misinformation or overbooking by a supplier, or any other dissatisfaction or complaint aforesaid, the member should take up the matter directly with the supplier who is under an obligation to deal with such matters in accordance with their own individual policies. GOLDEN PEACOCK SERVICES will send you a copy of applicable supplier terms upon request.

   TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS : It is your responsibility to obtain a visa (where required). Please ensure you have a valid passport for the duration of your trip, plus 6 months. If you require any further information on passport or visa requirements please refer contact the nearest applicable embassy.


   All products and services offered on these websites are subject to availability and acceptance, at the discretion of the supplier of such product or service.

   In the event a product or service is not available for booking by the time your booking funds transfer is complete, GOLDEN PEACOCK SERVICES shall use its reasonable endeavours to suggest an alternative product or service of similar pricing and quality.

   Where the product or service is either not available or our suggested alternative (where applicable) is not acceptable to you, but the booking fee is fully paid, we shall make a refund in accordance with our refund policy as noted under section 4 bookings / reservations above.

   If you fail to accept our suggested alternative product or service by the specified deadline, we reserve our right to cancel our tentative booking of the same and automatically refund according to the refund policy in section 4 above.

  REFUND POLICY : There will be no refund upon confirmation of booking of requested product or service, as confirmation entails the travel provider no longer offer the requested services to other members of the public for the time period requested. GOLDEN PEACOCK SERVICES recommends you purchase Travel Insurance to reimburse you in the unlikely event you must cancel or change your travel plans or circumstance beyond the control of the individual operator cause cancellation.


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